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Crop support system for use in commercial greenhouses...

Reelenz System

Reelenz Hangers and Easy-reels have been designed to make the task of supporting and layering your tomato, cucumber, capsicum, egg plants quicker, easier and more efficiently. 

The Two Piece Nylon Unit Consists Of:

1. Nylon Reelenz Hangers

2. Polypropylene Reelenz Reels


Reelenz saves your time and lets you concentrate on your main task of growing healthy and productive plants. Hangers are only available in black. 

  • Pre-wound replacement reels available ( Save time & Money).
  • Long lengths of twine quickly & easily unwound.
  • Reels rotate once to release shot lengths of twine then self lock when layering (trellising).
  • Eliminate the need to lift each plant - just squeeze & slide.
  • Reels will not fall of hangers.
  • Hangers will not spin off the crop wire
  • Reels self-lock on the hangers when any weight is on the twine